Stress Less Services

Complimentary – 30 minutes

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$80.00 – 1 hour


$120.00  – 90 minutes


$180.00  – Series of 3x
1 hour

$250.00  – Series of 3x
90 minutes

$250.00  – Module 1


$550.00  – Module 2

$750.00  – Module 3


Reset, Regroup, & Renew

Private Yoga & Meditation classes for Adults & Teenagers, One-on-One Coaching programs, Energy Medicine service, Bodywork & The Self Mastery System of Winning!

Grounding the Body & Mind to be at peace again

Are you close to burnout, losing your effectiveness at work or at home? Do you feel mentally and physically strained?

The Solution: Develop effective routines, work smarter/improve efficiency, increase productivity.

Each session/program can be any combination of bodywork, therapeutic and talk therapy services partnered with guidance, encouragement, and support for all areas of your life such as Personal (development & relationships), Career (advancement & transitioning), Social (family & friendships).

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unsure, mixed emotions or have an unsettled state of being?

Are you willing to be guided and aided through your healing…to take the Next Steps?
– as your mind/body allows?
– releasing blocks, and imbalances?
– letting go of physical pain, and trapped emotions?
– bringing physical and energetic balance back into all areas of your life?

How it works

3 Step process:

Each module combines proven methods, techniques, and strategies that will guide you to achieve the Ultimate in Self-Transformation to better cope with overwhelming situations, feelings of doubt and letting go of self-limitations.

Develop effective decision-making skills to live in a place of joy-now, experience great health, relearn the habits of the true self and take action with more courage, confidence and surety.

The assessment determines your readiness for the next steps in emotional mastery, clarity of purpose, generating energetic health, and living in a mindset of success habits. You are now ready to move forward with each module; which combines stress less services of coaching, consulting, mentoring, and therapeutic services with advanced practices of alternative and ancient secret fundamentals for your personal transformation. There are no short cuts!

You may give me specific guidelines to work with or I will take the initiative on your behalf and follow what is best for your needs, after I’ve completed the work (both with you and additional allocated times without you) we set appointment times for me to share in detail what I’ve found, and what may or may not be needed to move forward.

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