Creating Sacred Space Services & Programs

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Well-Being Coaching $150.001&1/2hr OR Special THREE 30min ONLINE sessions – IN-PERSON WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS




Well-Being Coaching $225.00 THREE 45min phone/online sessions




Well-Being Coaching $297.00 THREE 1Hour phone/online sessions




Well-Being Coaching $540.00 SIX 1Hour phone/online sessions




Well-Being Coaching $960.00 TWELVE 1Hour phone/online sessions




Reiki – A traditional treatment partnered with guidance, encouragement, and support.


IN-PERSON WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS   OR Distance REIKI healing  $90 – 1/hr




Reiki Series of 3 $250  – 1/hr




Ear Candling  – A hollow-shaped candle is placed in a cone adapter and then the top is lit.

(relieves sinus & ear infections, snoring, headaches, and many more ear, nose, and throat issues)


Ear Candling with or without Sinus Drainage Massage $45  WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS




Headache & Sinus Lymph Drainage Massage – face only 1/2hr $55  WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS

Reduce inflammation, relieve pressure headaches / tension in the jaw and neck, promote healthy lymphatic flow, alleviate sinus congestion, improve breathing, and alleviate discomfort associated with sinusitis or allergies.





De-stress Packages:

Rejuvenate $130



30min Lymph drainage massage – face only
1hr Reiki
Benefits: clears physical & emotional stress as well as removes energetic blocks.

Detox $150



30min Lymph drainage massage – face only
1hr Reiki
Ear Candling
Benefits: Balancing & cleaning your aura, attuning your physical, and emotional state.

Ion Cleanse Detox & Happiness Health Plan

– Cleanse toxins & impurities from organs and systems
– Get to your Optimal Health Goals using a proven Holistic Strategy

Reset, Regroup, & Renew for a Happier Life!

Learn simple strategies to ‘Create’ Success in your Health, Relationships, and Career, and improve your ability to use your intuition to have a deeper spiritual connection to your True Self!


I coach professional women to stay calm and focused while dealing with health issues, relationship crisis both platonic and intimate. I also coach them to use their intuition when feeling overwhelmed to gain clarity and connect to a deeper spiritual message they’re being guided to follow at that moment.


Creating Sacred Space holistic practices, tools, and techniques:


  • Teach you to feel Relaxed, Focused, Calm through uncertainty

  • Teach you to become emotionally balanced without self-judgment and to avoid being overwhelmed during crisis moments

  • Helps you stay Accountable for your life and the choices you make so you can achieve the success you want

  • Helps you Become effective, productive, and progressive in accomplishing your goals

  • Helps you to Live a fulfilled, satisfied, and meaningful life


Using Mindfulness & holistic evidence-based practices Combined with DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) 

tools, and techniques;


Well-being Coaching helps busy individuals, couples, and professionals cope

healthily with stress.


They gain new skills to be more resilient and adaptable as they live in the moment while managing painful emotions.


I coach clients on how to overcome their fear and lack of trust when it comes to relationships so they can become comfortable with their inner strength.



They gain success in their relationships because they improve their communication and interpersonal skills.


Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed?

  • with anxiety

  • work-related stress of colleagues, boss, lack of productivity, job assessments

  • relationship struggles or uncertainty, doubt, insecurities, lack of trust, and commitment

  • overthinking and worrying about your current situation in life

  • seeking personal self-development and growth to become the person you were always meant to be


Learn the mechanics of what makes for a happier life so you can become emotionally skilled at nurturing, cultivating, and sustaining long-term relationships.

Learn how to use your intuition to find purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in the life you want to be living.


With this new emotional and spiritual foundation my clients start experiencing more happiness

within themselves.

They become more mindful and less reactive as they regulate difficult emotional moments and circumstances.



Are you READY?


To gain the ability to develop deeper enjoyment and fulfillment in your life?





*Emotional Support & Creates Mental Wellness

Helping you achieve happiness and inner well-being in your personal life,

career, family, and home environment.


*Relationship and Spiritual Health Healing

Healing your core relationships at work, home, family, partner, dating, and


Using Alternative, Intuitive and Conventional approaches to solving relationship crisis and

accomplishing your relationship and health goals.



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*phone, in-person & online options


*sessions include additional follow-up notes to give you direction with clarity and a plan of action you can take





Better emotional inner-Alignment & Self-Awareness


Learn the practical steps to implement the theory so you can

experience firsthand the change in yourself and the life you

want to create; as outlined in my Book,

Creating Sacred Space, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of Your Dreams! 

Building a Community
of Positive Thinkers!

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