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COMPLIMENTARY 1/2Hr Happiness Consultation

$150.00 – Happiness Health & Well-Being Coaching – 1&1/2hr OR Special THREE 30min phone/online sessions – PAYPAL



$225.00 – Happiness Health & Well-Being Coaching – Special THREE 45min phone/online sessions


$297.00 – Happiness Health & Well-Being Coaching – Special THREE 1Hour phone/online sessions


$90  – Reiki 60 min


$250  – Reiki Series of 3 x 60 minutes


$47.00/mth  Accountability Plan


‘Just Get Happy’ 101 Happiness course

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Reset, Regroup, & Renew your Happiness!

Learn simple strategies to JUST GET HAPPY!


Master your Emotional Resilience and reclaim your Personal Power.


Use the Creating Sacred Space holistic-based practices,

tools, and techniques that help busy individuals,

business professionals, and entrepreneurs cope

naturally with anxiety and stress by increasing happiness

within themselves.

They are able to overcome feeling emotionally

overwhelmed, stressed, worried, anxious, and lonely as they

learn the mechanics of what makes for a happier life they

are able to be productive, creative, and suffer fewer health




Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed?

  • with anxiety
  • work-related stress of colleagues, boss, lack of productivity, job reviews and  interviews
  • relationship struggles or uncertainty, doubt, insecurities, lack of trust, and commitment
  • overthinking and worry about your current situation
  • managing the time to process grief/loss and trauma
  • seeking personal self-development and growth


These practices teach you to become emotionally balanced, focused, and

calm as you gain the ability to stay productive and develop a deeper

enjoyment and fulfillment in your life.


Creating Sacred Space practices help you feel:

  • Relaxed and focused
  • Become effective, productive, and progressive with your goals
  • Make yourself a priority in your own life to-do list of responsibilities
  • Live a fulfilled and balanced life
  • Personal growth and development to live with more purpose, passion, and meaning in your life
  • Understanding your intuition
  • Mastering your emotional state


7 Day Miracle Boost of Happiness FREE AUDIO GUIDE


Create some Fun and True Freedom to help you Live your Best Life

and Increase your Personal Power within the next 7 days.

These audios help to Kickstart your day with a positive inner alignment of your thoughts.

They will help to reduce any anxious or stressful feelings you may have throughout the day.

They are great to help you regroup your emotional state to feel calm and focused with your daily tasks, activities, and deadlines.





A monthly Accountability plan

with ‘Flash’ weekly check-ins keeps you motivated and on track with

1. What you’ve done, 2. What is the next priority task, and 3. Where are

you stuck?


Get hands-on help to know how to use Holistic-based Practices to help you manage and navigate your day-to-day stressors of emotions, decision making, fatigue, exhaustion or personal relationships & health challenges.


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*Emotional Support & Mental Wellness Sessions

Helping you achieve happiness and inner well-being in your personal life,

career, family, and home environment.


*Relationship & Health Coaching Sessions

Healing your core relationships at work, home, family, partner, dating, and


Using Alternative approaches to solving medical issues and health goals.

Intuitive and Conventional approaches to solving relationship crisis and

relationship goals.




*phone, in-person & online options


*sessions include additional follow-up notes to give you direction with clarity and a plan of action you can take


*Specializing in helping all areas of your Life

flourish with improving how you manage your

thoughts, emotions, mindset, and coping methods

at work, in your core relationships, and your health

to make happiness your essential goal that you







Better emotional inner-Alignment & Self-Awareness


Learn the practical steps to implement the theory so you can

experience first hand the change in yourself and the life you

want to create; as outlined in my Book,

Creating Sacred Space, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of Your Dreams!





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