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FREE 1/2Hr Consultation

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$150.00 – 1&1/2hr OR Special THREE 30min phone/online sessions

$425.00  – Emotional Support Series of 3 x 90 minutes

$550.00  – Fulfillment Coaching package series of 6 x 30min laser sessions

$750.00  – Fulfillment Coaching package series of 10 x 30min laser sessions

$1100.00  – Fulfillment Coaching package series of 14 x 30min laser sessions

Reset, Regroup, & Renew

*Emotional Support sessions: 

*Relationship Emotional Support sessions: 


*Chakra Balancing & Alignment: 

*Health Coaching: 


  • Specializing in helping a variety of relationships flourish in all areas personal, work, and family


  • For Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness & Sadness


Fulfillment Coaching to stay laser focused sessions:


  • in Overwhelmed Moments

  • because you’re Unable to Accomplish desired Goals

  • in Relationship Crisis

*  One-on-One & Groups by phone, in-person & online


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Sacred Space Relationship First Aid Program:


  • 12 weeks of support to transform your relationship.

  • Having a healthy relationship with yourself is foundational to having successful long-lasting Relationships with your significant other, family, and friends.

  • Get help to start having that meaningful relationship right now,

  • or making your current one better.

  • For individuals & couples seeking and needing support,

  • peaceful mind, and trust.

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Energy Medicine, Spiritual Practice & Meditation


Special Offer PACKAGES for unique Circumstances


  • Reiki energy healing, Emotional support & OR Relationship Emotional Support session $250

– includes additional follow-up notes from session & recording


  • Reiki energy healing & Meditation package $150 (90min)

– includes additional follow-up notes from session & recording


…to correct Spiritual mis-Alignment and lack of Spiritual

Fulfillment, Benefits physical and emotional issues

********  *******  *********

  • performed by Reiki Master using the Mikao Usui method

  • Distance Reiki also available


  • Reiki Shamanic treatment, Sacred Space Healing Ceremonies & Teachings

Benefits personal spiritual journey and provides hands on

guidance with developing personal practice

  •  starting at $350 based on needs and assessment


Alignment & Self-Awareness


Connecting with your instincts and your True Self aligns you with being authentic within yourself.


This I believe is the key to creating healthy, happier, long-

lasting relationships in your life.


Start with your Free Fulfillment Support Call today!


Learn the practice of The Sacred Space Process, and how

the merging of Source, your True Self and intuition working

together will give you the reward of creating meaningful

successful relationships, both with yourself and others

in your life; as outlined in my Book,

Creating Sacred, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of Your Dreams!





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