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How to use Blessed Essences?


General Use: Take five to seven drops directly in the mouth (may also be added to a cold liquid), three times per day or more.

In times of a crisis, use essences more frequently. You may use one, two, three, or more essences at any time.

Use a single essence together with a combination essence is often an ideal choice.

Deeper and longer lasting results are more likely if you take the essences daily for one month or more.

Are you unsure or overwhelmed with which essence to start with?

Too many Essences to choose from?

Don’t want to make a mistake?

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How are Vibrational Tree EssenceEssences made?

A small amount of flowers, leaves, needles, cones, fruits or other parts of a tree or forest plant are allowed to infuse in a bowl filled with spring water. The infusion is then filtered to remove any physical material into a bottle partly filled with alcohol for preservation. This mother tincture is further diluted until it reaches the dosage level, insuring the highest resonance and quality of essence.

Which Vibrational Tree Essence is right for you?

Choosing an essence is easy. Read the product descriptions and trust your intuition! Which essence(s) speak to you? Which essence attracts you? Which essences seem to be address your key concerns? You cannot get it wrong. Just trust what essence(s) you are drawn to.


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