45 min Personalized Essence consultation


Which Vibrational Tree Essence is right for you?

Are you unsure or overwhelmed with which essence to start with?

To have your questions answered and your concerns taken care of Book a 45 min Personalized Essence consultation and receive One FREE Essence.

You will get clarity and a clear plan for your healing journey! Book Now

Don’t want to make a mistake?

Too many Essences to choose from?


Book a personalized essence consultation with Ingrid Herbert today to help create the perfect Essence Program for you and even extend it to helping someone you care about.

Ingrid has practiced as a Health & Wellness Coach, Shiatsu Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor for over 20 years.

Her happiness courses and coaching programs are able to help individuals such as yourself overcome worry, anxiety and manage overwhelming emotions to prevent burn-out so they can just Get Happy!

With her expertise, knowledge, and experience with her clients she is able to help you find a solution using these Vibrational Tree Essences that will suit your individual needs regardless of your lifestyle or not having enough freedom and time to make the changes you truly want.

Once purchased Ingrid will contact you to schedule a meeting via Zoom, Google Meet or Phone consult.


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