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Morning Sunrise Meditation classes: online EST

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Services Available:

* Meditation & Spiritual Self-development




1:1 & Group coaching available

*phone, in-person & online

Learn to experience through…Meditation


More happiness than self-doubt


More confidence than fear


More self-acceptance than sadness


More fulfillment than failure


More peace of mind than anxiety & worry

“My goal is to help individuals such as yourself  learn the ability to trust your internal guide and guiding system, your intuition to live and experience the life you’ve always wanted in the daily experiences of your NOW!”

We will explore The Sacred Space Practices & Process from my book to build a deeper spiritual practice so you can connect with your True Self, your spirit to have happier more enjoyable life experiences.

Fear of Loss, Disappointments, and Procrastination are all examples of emotional clutter that block our spiritual path.



I have been on a life long journey of developing a deeper connection with spirit my True Self and maneuvering successfully through the invisible world of energy. First apprenticing with my grandmother from an early age, who was a Shaman and then helping clients, friends, and family with their inner alignment with spirit.

The purpose of Sacred Space Meditation Group

  • These lessons help you manage and improve different aspects of your life

  • For anyone that seeks guidance with their personal intentions, intuition, and spiritual path

  • Learn how to hone your life skills; organize, implement and execute inspired action plans that are meaningful to you

  • Create New Habits, Patterns & Personal Agreements that integrate mindfulness into your everyday moments

  • Managing your spiritual energy brings productivity and happiness into all areas of your life


Benefits of participating in the group:

“This group is for anyone interested in learning how to convert the

emotional chaos and clutter in your life to useful, useable, tangible energy

that transforms your daily life experiences for the better.”


It helps you Overcome daily emotional setbacks.


It will help you to cope better with Emotional issues and trauma, medical

disorders such as (anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, crisis, life




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