Sacred Space Meditation Group

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Learn to experience…


More abundance than scarcity


More confidence than doubt


More self acceptance than self judgement


More fulfillment than regret


More peace of mind & contentment than anxiety & worry

Learn how to overcome daily emotional setbacks that affect your health, personal life, and career, making you more aligned to live the life you’ve always wanted.


I have been on a life long journey of developing a deeper connection with spirit and maneuvering successfully through the invisible world of energy. First apprenticing with my grand-mother from an early age, who was a Shaman and then helping clients and others with their inner alignment of spirit, intuition, emotional and physical states, through my practice of energy medicine and healing.

The purpose of Sacred Space Meditation Group

  • These lessons help you manage and improve different aspects of your life
  • For anyone that seeks guidance with their personal intentions, intuition, and spiritual path
  • Learn how to hone your life skills; organize, implement and execute inspired action plans that are meaningful to you
  • Learn to experience abundance more than scarcity, confidence more than doubt, self-acceptance more than self-judgment, fulfillment more than regret, peace of mind & contentment more than anxiety & worry
  • Create New Habits, Patterns & Personal Agreements that integrate mindfulness into your everyday moments
  • Managing your energy brings productivity and happiness in all areas of your life



Overcoming daily emotional setbacks.

How to better cope with Emotional issues and trauma, medical disorders (anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, crisis, life management.)