Praise for Ingrid Herbert

Ingrid helped me learn to work within my limits and how to properly breathe and stretch. The participants felt invigorated by the experience and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We could not think of anything to improve the workshop. We feel it is such a necessity and need more sessions, Ingrid is an excellent teacher!

Melanie Beckford, R.S.W.

Counsellor, Tropicana Community Services / Women Empowering Women Support Network

“The girls still mention Ingrid Herbert’s name and have fond memories of you, Thank you for everything and how you helped the female students. We would love to have you return to Paulatuk one day!”

Jessica Schmidt

Principal, Angik School, Paulatuk, North West Territories

“The treatments that I have received from Ingrid Herbert has proven to be very effective with alleviating and reducing my MS symptoms. I have more flexibility in my joints, better circulation in my arms and legs, I have a better quality of sleep at night.

Before including Ingrid’s treatments into my life I had muscle stiffness, sore lower back, burning in my feet, tightness in my neck, numbness in my arms, my balance was off.

I am very happy with the improvements that her treatments have brought to my life. I highly recommend her services and encourage anyone suffering with the challenges of MS in their lives to utilize her unique individualized form of treatment.”

Reg Bavis

Obstetrical brachial plexus injury
“My son Benjamin suffered an injury at birth called an obstetrical brachial plexus injury. He had such severe nerve damage that his left arm was completely limp and his wrist was bent in a claw position. He would cry when we had to manipulate his arm or when anyone other than myself tried to hold him.
We were told by Ben’s specialists that there was nothing we could do to help him and that he would probably need surgery at 3 months of age. We were understandably heartbroken. When Benjamin was 3 weeks old I took him to see Ingrid at the suggestion of my sister (who also sees Ingrid as therapy for her MS).
I was skeptical at best. That skepticism was replaced by disbelief when 20 minutes after we got home from Ben’s first treatment his wrist was a little straighter and then all of a sudden my son who could barely wiggle his arm managed to lift it away from his body.
Within 2 visits Ben’s whole demeanor had changed. He was comfortable being touched and held and was much calmer and happier. Ben is now 8 months old and we have been seeing Ingrid weekly since that first visit (Ingrid also sees my 2 year old for digestive issues). He has continued to make measurable progress after every visit. His wrist is completely straight and he has more movement than we ever expected. The first time Ben reached for a toy with his left hand I cried tears of joy.
When I took Ingrid the video so she could see the amazing results of all her hard work she cried right with me. Benjamin did not need surgery at 3 months, his doctors decided he had made enough progress to wait until 6 months. He did not need that surgery either. The doctors at Sick Kids can not explain why my son has made so much progress given the severity of his injury. I can explain it and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for all Ingrid has done for my son.
Shona D.


Ingrid, by her being, and her god given talent is a gift when it comes to healing, rehabilitation or just sharing her energy field. Ingrid has a gentle, caring, supportive and healing manner and soul. She knows the human body;…When I was recovering from Cancer of the Colon she helped immensely.
- Charlene R.


Originally I came to Ingrid because of the ringing in my ears, my treatment plan included ear candling and reflexology she was able to eliminate the ringing and my sense of smell returned.
Sally D.

Whitby, Ontario

In the last few years I’ve had the excellent professional services of Ingrid. I’ve enjoyed and found it very beneficial to use Ingrid’s services. I’ve found her to be knowledgeable in her field in regards to answering questions about my health and even my emotional well being.
Rick C.

Audio Visual Technician, Ajax, Ont.

I have found Ingrid to be respectful and honouring of my needs. I have previously been a registered Nurse and (I) am very impressed with Ingrid’s professional approach.
Janie M.