Unlimited Therapy Coaching Sessions

Let’s say, you wanted to learn to ride a bicycle:

A therapist – would help you discover what is holding you back from riding the bike. They would go back into your past to discover what kind of experience you had at an early age with a bicycle.

A coach — would help you get up on the bicycle and then encourage and support you while running alongside until you felt comfortable enough to go it alone.

I work with you as a Therapist and Coach, to integrate a different kind of structure and method which creates the focus of our work together.

This is suitable for individuals that feel held back or stuck by lack of synchronicity with their time, their next steps action, inspiration, and solutions.

The Focussed Action Results Program:

This program gives you the best of both worlds, you get insight from the past to bring that into the present so that you are better equipped to create the life you want to be living right NOW!

*Unlimited laser 30-minute focus sessions, which includes recording of session, audio take action steps, and review assessment after 90 days

Full Unlimited Therapy Coaching at a 60% discount, Saving $1,200, Let’s talk!

Program COST: to sign up Now!

3mths $250

6mths $550

12mths $750

Couple or Group – Buy one package at full price get the 2nd at 50% off

More details about how the program will work for you or someone you know and or care about.

The Focussed Action Results Program helps you to:

– gain insight, set plans for present and future, encouragement and guidance to take action
– get help dealing with issues to fully functioning skills that create a successful future
– identify the problem and determine next step action
– create focus and achieve results to sustain life-changing behaviour

– sessions act as a partner to provide a proactive approach, accountability, guidance, unbiased opinions, tools, motivations, and a means to Get “there” faster
– Get better understanding of the challenges and roadblocks in your way
– Get insight into how you think, your behaviour and your experiences