How 2 minutes can positively change your day and improve your quality of life as a leader in your life and your workplace

I am a strong believer in a daily or weekly meditation practice.


This was not always the case.


I remember when I couldn’t even sit still for 5 minutes at a time, but over the years I’ve come to rely on my daily 10 minutes of stillness. Sometimes to ground or clear my head or just to regroup and navigate my inner confusion as to why I’m unsure in that moment.


But even more importantly I’ve discovered that doing a 1-2 minute quick meditation check-in has saved me from bad decisions and irrevocable responses of actions and words being said in a heated moment.


And no you don’t need a meditation cushion or chanting ‘OM’ to make this happen.


Basically it’s helped me to keep my emotions in check and it can be the game changer you need to get you more aligned with improving your life circumstances.




Similar to emotional intelligence meditation has been proven to help us become more aware of how we think and respond to our everyday circumstances.


Maybe you don’t have any immediate goals to become a world leader in the near future; but becoming a leader in your life is as Jordan Peterson puts it a worthy endeavour or goal you should strive for on your path to being a responsible human.


SIMPLE STEPS TO GET YOU STARTED in order to positively impact what happens to you.


When you develop your emotional intelligence so you can proactively choose your mood and attitude, even your own feelings; you are also deciding the quality of life you are choosing to live.



Separate what is happening to you in that moment.



Separate your mood that you’re in.


Are you in a hopeful or fearful state about your life? In other words do you have a negative pessimist outlook or a positive optimistic outlook? Just be the observer of you, no judgement, simply answer these questions internally.



Separate your attitude towards your life.


Similar to mood do you have a negative or positive view? Is your body language open or closed to possibilities? Again you are just observing you.



Determine how you feel about what’s happening. And then determine how you would like to feel about what’s happening.


It’s within this fourth step that you can become a leader in your life.


By paying close attention to you, you are able to grow your emotional intelligence so you can manage your emotions. This is also where I would suggest you utilize the quick meditation practice to help determine what are your best emotional options.


The purpose of Growing your emotional intelligence is meant to help you manage your emotions which is not an easy thing but it is doable. THE MORE CAPABLE YOU BECOME WITH MANAGING YOUR EMOTIONS THE MORE YOU DEVELOP LEADERSHIP QUALITIES.


What you do with your new super powers is up to you; by taking time to make sense of the initial stages of observation you are able to keep the process simple for you to get started.




When you incorporate meditation you get a package deal like a 2 for 1 or a 3 in 1; you get to identify your feelings, mood, attitude, and an inner awareness which brings clarity even when you don’t have any immediate answers.


Studies have shown that using this Buddhist practice of a Loving Kindness meditation increases inner happiness and positive feelings within.


It is because of these reasons I believe it will help you to shift your emotions, mood, and attitude and you will be more inclined to have positive feelings towards yourself.


This is your win-win, you become more aware, you manage your emotions and you determine your actions.




Take 1-2 minutes out of your day. You could be seated at your desk, driving in your car, walking, on a coffee break or during lunch etc.


Bring your attention to your heart area and intentionally breathe deeply into that area. Feel your heart and breath together as you breathe. Repeat any of the phrases below towards yourself.


“May you be filled with loving kindness”


“May you be happy”


“May you be safe”


“May you be well in body and in mind”


“May you be peaceful”


“May you live with ease”


These are a few practical techniques to improve the leader in you by using emotional intelligence and meditation. If you want additional tools and maybe an intellectual Kick-in-the-butt;


Take my Emotional Intelligence Quiz so you can Discover your EQ and start improving the leader in you today!


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