New Book by Ingrid Herbert

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This book offers you solutions to be the best possible version of yourself.

  • To live in the NOW with more self-awareness
  • To live with more clarity in your daily life experiences
  • To get unstuck and overcome emotional setbacks to achieve your goals
  • To live a life with deeper satisfaction and more enjoyment from the outcome of your decisions

It will give you the tools, habits, and strategies to heal the body and mind, manage stress, and create personal growth and development.


Praise for the Book: *In the Press 

“Creating Sacred Space: A book to keep by your bedside! (And in your tote). If you are looking for a deep connection with your truest self, or if you are in the midst of life changes and want to centre, ground and heal, Ingrid Herbert’s wise book, Creating Sacred Space, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of your Dreams, is a must-read. As a girl, Ingrid had a dream of writing poetry and art books.  Writing in a warm and inviting tone, she suggests practices to help us align with our True Self or source to realize our own dreams. Ingrid writes from experience, and her words are like the wise counsel of a trusted mentor, sister, friend who has walked the journey. Open this book to any page, any paragraph, and read slowly. Begin there and listen to your own inner voice of self-compassion and intuition. That is this book’s invitation. I highly recommend it. You’re the real deal woman! Thank you”      Lena V, Toronto ON

” I met Ingrid over 12 years ago. Ingrid is positive, wise, knowledgeable, and has a well-integrated view of life which she has imparted to us in her book “Creating Sacred Space”. Ingrid, thank you for being that light and guide on this journey of life.” Andrew J. – Toronto, ON


Order Your Book Today!