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Getting ‘unstuck’ from your Anger or not.

Getting ‘unstuck’ from your Anger or not. 10% of your life circumstances contributed to the anger you are choosing to feel and carry with you today according to positive psychology research.   My Peace, Love, and Happiness seekers 😁 here is what clinical...

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A Daily Meditation practice

Managing the emotions around what you want for things to be better in your life.
If you don’t believe that things will get better for you then this negative belief works against you
and your desire for a better life.

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A Getting Happy Challenge for you to try

This releases ‘Happy Hormones’ serotonin, dopamine, endorphins.
Next, empty out your emotional cup (irritations, annoyances, frustrations) …have an image of pouring the water out, so your body is left filled with what it really wants, which is to feel good or great!

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