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Exclusive to Modo Yoga Scarborough:
Awaken Your Intuition 90-minute workshop and 3-week in-depth course Unleash Your X-Factor program launch at Modo Yoga Scarborough, with Bonus: Three 90-minute live Group Coaching sessions with Q & A, designed to help each participant integrate the principles and practices of their personal transformation in a fun and exciting way!

Awaken Your Intuition Workshop Series 2024

Registration & Payment Form Here:

WORKSHOP: An introduction to the power of intuition, providing key insights
and practical tools you can start applying immediately in your personal and professional life.
  • Learn the common challenges most of us face in embracing our intuition.
  • Understand how to create synergy between intuition and logical thinking.
  • Why awakening your intuition is important.
  • Intuition vs Manifestation
Participants will leave with key takeaways and an introduction to the broader concepts of intuition explored
in my book Creating Sacred Space, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of Your Dreams!
This workshop gives you the basics to start implementing the use of your intuition to enhance your skills of
decision-making, problem-solving, building confidence, communication, and work-life harmony while connecting you to your authenticity and purpose.

3-Week Online Course: Unleash Your X-Factor: A Transformational Journey to Work-Life Harmony.

This course is a deep dive into unlocking your intuitive skills. You will go more in-depth into how to develop your inner awareness and guidance. You will be given steps to tap into accessing deeper levels of understanding and bridge the gap between your logic and intuitive awareness.

Benefits:  How to trust your ‘gut’ feelings, gain confidence to use your intuition as a guide for both work and personal life situations, gain work-life harmony, overcome limiting beliefs using your intuition, resolve problems, and achieve personal growth and self-development.


“Awaken Your Intuition” Workshop

Dates: Sunday, Jan 21, Feb 25, March 24

Time: 1:30 pm – 3 pm

Cost: $150

Duration: 1 & 1/2hrs

When you register, you will receive, as a bonus, my Creating Sacred Space: 21 Days of Meditations and Prayers (a $97 value!)

Registration & Payment Form HERE:



Workshops & Group Coaching…

Learn to experience:


More happiness than self-doubt


More courage and confidence than fear


More self-acceptance than self-rejection


More fulfillment and meaning than failure


More peace of mind than anxiety & worry

As a holistic health practitioner I’m passionate about supporting and coaching as many individuals to accomplish their health, career, and relationship goals as well as learning how to have a deeper spiritual connection and awareness in their day-to-day life experiences.

If you’re ready to improve the quality of your health, career, or relationship path and add more meaning to your life let’s start a conversation to see if I’m the right fit to help you get the results in these areas of your life. Book your FREE 1/2 hour Happiness Consultation with me TODAY!

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