Getting ‘unstuck’ from your Anger or not.

10% of your life circumstances contributed to the anger you are choosing to feel and carry with you today according to positive psychology research.


My Peace, Love, and Happiness seekers 😁 here is what clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson calls a Bad Plan.


Holding onto your anger for the next 10 years, it’s going to age you 20 years.


He also lists the negative effects of anger:


It’s the only emotion that has been linked to cardiovascular risk.


Anger damages your heart. It is a very toxic emotion.


Is your anger worth the destruction of your health both physically and emotionally?


Anger tells you to run away and to attack at the same time.


In addition to cardiovascular issues…it negatively affects the physiology of the body.


Here is my GOOD PLAN.

  1. Detach yourself from the circumstance. You can’t change what’s happened and overthinking it won’t fix it either.
  2. Make up your mind that you are not going to allow anger to destroy your health. Because as research shows it will destroy your heart and that will make you more susceptible to health issues.
  3. Be Joyful, happy, excited, thankful, and appreciative. These are way more constructive emotions to be attached to instead of hurt, resentment, and the betrayal related to anger.


NOTE: Taking a few extra minutes each day to focus on laughter will fill your body with happy hormones of serotonin to counter the high acidity of cortisol flooding your cells.

Getting unstuck is to let go, I know it’s your choice but do you?


You may feel that letting go is surrendering or losing the battle of being right because of what the other person did to you. And holding on to your anger helps to prove how wrong they were.


But just so we are clear anger doesn’t keep you warm at night or nurture good relationships. Anger doesn’t create Happy People!


It does keep you up at night, mentally festering and repeating a bad situation in your mind. It does drain you physically and energetically so you may often feel exhausted. It does make you feel alone and isolated.

For those of you reading this and thinking I’m saying to not stand up for yourself and to become a ‘doormat’. Let me be clear, standing up for your value and not being taken advantage of is not the same as holding onto the emotion of anger after a situation has passed.


So let go of your anger quickly, and forgive for the sake of your heart, health, and mental sanity.


My personal motto I say to myself now is “no one is so important in this life that I’m going to allow them to steal my joy.”


So as often as I’m able I let go of my anger quickly, and fight like crazy to grab onto the emotions that feel good, meaning I go within to find my GOOD MOODS!



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