How to Elevate your beliefs and actions so you can achieve success in 2022

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My Peace, Love, and Happiness seeker 😁 attaining your vision for a good life in 2022 looks like this… “achieve the specific goals that will result in the future you have planned for yourself.”


I grew up with the saying “faith without works is dead”, directly quoting from many sermons I listened to in church. The minister was always challenging the congregation to prove that their belief and action aligned.


Like most of us, my mis-alignments were much easier to achieve. And cost me more loss and some regrettable consequences than I care to admit, which I’m sure some of you can relate to.


Growing up in a Christian household meant if you said you had faith, which also meant you believed, but didn’t participate on Sunday or didn’t show genuine love for those less fortunate than you, this automatically meant you were not a good Christian.


And if you participated in Sunday school, sang in the church choir, volunteered to help with the missionary fundraiser, but had zero faith in your actions bringing you closer to heaven then you were definitely damned forever.


So first your belief needs to be a confident feeling about your 2022 goals. You need to believe in the results of your goals being completed not abandoned.


Next, your actions need to bring you directly to the accomplishment of the goal(s).

And once completed each result will tie directly into the different future you have planned.


Let’s say you have an overarching goal for the year ahead which is to bring about fulfillment in several areas of your life. The top three areas for most people continue to be health, career (wealth), and relationships (current partner or potential future partner). Each of these areas will require a slightly different strategy to achieve the goal.

But they all require effort, effort relates to your actions, your ‘works’ over the next months or weeks that are needed to be aligned with your belief “in the future you have planned for yourself.”


For example, you have your dream of a better work environment, manageable deadlines, spending quality time with those you love, and maybe even having more time to take that dance or cooking class you’ve always wanted to try.


Elevate your beliefs and actions through the steps I’ve shared so you can manifest successfully the things you want for this year.


If you need to wake up earlier, study longer, workout at different times, pre-cook meals, make a to-do list and plug it into your day timer so that all your tasks are scheduled a week in advance, then that’s what you do.


Making the necessary adjustments is your effort to create an environment to SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS in 2022.

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