An easy way to Attracting

long-term Happiness!

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I found over the years fasting has brought magical benefits that can help you answer the ‘what is it you do want’ question with true honesty and consistency every time.


First helping with cleaning the brain by renewing cells which contributes to improving brain function. When brain function improves then improved thinking is a natural next step. Your answers are clearer to you and others.


Second, if we are clear with our thoughts then we have better feedback with our emotions which could contribute to us having fewer emotional triggers.


Third, this clarity of thought and emotions means less misunderstanding with your listening and communication with others. So a win-win all around.


It’s an easier way to long-term happiness by keeping your physical and spiritual health in check.


Over the last two weeks, I decided to start the practice of a 1 day/week

24hour water fast.


Happiness is a long game and it takes discipline to diligently stay vulnerable and ask yourself “What is it that you do want?”


If you’ve had the opportunity to read My Book then you know that I’ve overcome a lot of personal health issues. Making this lifestyle change has helped my body regulate itself physically and the big surprise for me was it also supported my meditation practice mentally, by giving me more time to tune in to my inner awareness.




There is a story of a monk called Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse. Siddhartha was not always a monk, he lived an idyllic life and followed all the things he was expected to do in ancient India. But secretly he was dissatisfied with his life. He was not experiencing the happiness and peace that was promised by his father and the elders if he followed their practices. In his quest to find ‘what was missing’ he leaves the village and eventually becomes a monk in the process. One of the many lessons he shares to a merchant in one of the cities he finds himself in he says “I can think, I can wait, I can fast.”


Tim Ferris in his book Tools of Titans summarizes Siddhartha’s answers in these terms:


“I can think” => Having good rules for decision-making, and having good questions you can ask yourself and others. (such as “What is it that I do want?”)


“I can wait” => Being able to plan long-term, play the long game, and not misallocate your resources (once you know what you do want what will you do about it?)


“I can fast” => Being able to withstand difficulties and disaster. Training yourself to be uncommonly resilient…” (taking the time it takes to manifest, create, and prepare to receive what you do want)


My personal interest in challenging myself to do this at this particular point in time is to find ways to improve my own self-discipline and navigate the mental exhaustion that’s been a symptom of pandemic stress.


Advocating for the things ‘we do want’ is one of the ways to gain back our mental strength and recover from feeling fatigued from career aspirations and responsibilities to juggling the demands of home life and everything in between.


So I’m encouraging you to try it with me. I’m starting with one month at a time, maybe you’ll do one week at a time, or one week on one week off. There is no wrong or right way just be consistent with your commitment so you can be rewarded for your efforts.



I add a bit of the Master Cleanse recipe to my water, this means I add a bit of lemon and maple syrup every so often over the 24hrs to ward off any intense hunger.


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