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$150.00 – 1&1/2hr OR Special THREE 30min phone/online sessions

$425.00  – Emotional Support Series of 3 x 90 minutes

$550.00  – Fulfillment Coaching package series of 6 x 30min laser sessions

$750.00  – Fulfillment Coaching package series of 10 x 30min laser sessions

$1100.00  – Fulfillment Coaching package series of 14 x 30min laser sessions

Reset, Regroup, & Renew

*Health Coaching

Using Alternative approaches to solving medical issues and goals


*Relationship Coaching

Intuitive and Conventional approaches to solving relationship crisis and goals



*Ear Candling $35 with Sinus Drainage $45

*SPECIAL De-stress Package with Ear Candling Massage focused on Face, Neck, Head, and Shoulders $150



*Reiki & Vital Energy Healing $90

Balancing auras, chakras & emotional and energetic body, managing pain and recovery


*Skin Care/Anti-aging & Rejuvenation – Face $90

Lymph drainage for the face, boost collagen, improve circulation, help uneven pigment, manage acne, dryness, redness, and sensitivity

Are you frustrated with YOUR SKIN ISSUES?

You can book a Live Consult with me Holistic Skin Coach at Graydon Skin


*Lymph Drainage Cellulite & Poor Circulation – Body $90

  • Dry brush, infrared sauna heat, essential oils – targeting thighs, hips, and buttocks

  • Manage pain and gain flexibility/mobility, anti-inflammatory

  • Get relief from tightness, tension, and stiffness in the back, legs & shoulder muscles & joints

*Detox Anti-Aging Lymph Drainage for Body & Face – Package $150

– drain congestion built up in lymph to reduce swelling and inflammation

– improve skin tone, cell renewal, and restore balance to your skin

– improve circulation, reduce fine lines & wrinkles – reduce the appearance of cellulite


The Relationship Joy – Builder Tool Kit


*Build Joy into your Relationship or Get the

tools to be ready for that Amazing Partner



  • Specializing in helping relationships flourish

  • Individuals seeking to be in new relationships,

    couples who are just getting started on their

  • relationship journey, & Families needing a

    different perspective to deal with ongoing long-

    term issues

  • Individuals Coping with Stress, Anxiety, Depression,

    Loneliness & Sadness


Get help to become laser-focused and learn

how-to Think Differently with these sessions:

  • in Overwhelmed Moments

  • in a Relationship or Health Crisis

1:1 & Group coaching on Relationships & Health

*phone, in-person & online

* sessions include additional follow-up notes to give you direction with clarity and a plan of action for you to take


Start with your Free 30min Laser Focus Support Call today!



**Sacred Space Relationship First Aid Program:


  • 12 weeks of support to transform your relationship.

  • Having a healthy relationship with yourself is foundational to having successful long-lasting Relationships with your significant other, family, and friends.

  • Get help to start having that meaningful relationship right now

  • or making your current one better.

  • For individuals & Couples seeking and needing support,

  • to Feel Better & change your current situation

Book a Free Rescue my Relationship call to know if this program is the right fit for you



Better Alignment & Self-Awareness


Connecting with your instincts and your True Self

aligns you with being authentic within yourself.


This I believe is the key to creating healthy, happier, long-

lasting relationships in your life.



Start with your Free 30min Laser Support Call today!



Learn the practice of The Creating Sacred Space Process,


and how the merging of Source, your True Self and intuition


working together will give you the reward of creating


meaningful successful relationships, both with yourself and


others in your life; as outlined in my Book,




Creating Sacred, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of Your Dreams!





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