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$150.00 – 1&1/2hr OR Special THREE 30min phone/online sessions

$425.00  – Emotional Support Series of 3 x 90 minutes


Reset, Regroup, & Renew

Learn ‘The Creating Sacred Space Practices’ on how to feel Happy, Loved, and Accepted;


for professional women and men who are ready to overcome their

struggles with hidden anger, frustration, feelings of emptiness, a lack of

satisfaction, a lack of trust, loss of their inner drive and meaning within an

area of work, personal relationship, family, or friendships that stop them

from striving and becoming successful at sustaining a happy, healthy, and

a more meaningful life.


#Get Happy! Happiness Coaching

Would you like to finally experience happy, healthy love for yourself?

These sessions help identify and remove the blocks of lack of

fulfillment that have been sabotaging your emotional responses and

preventing you from feeling deeply happy and satisfied with your life.


*Emotional Support Sessions

Helping you achieve happiness and inner well-being in your personal life,

career, family, and home environment.


*Reiki & Vital Energy Healing $90

Balancing auras, chakras, the emotional & energetic body, trauma & grief

also managing pain and recovery from surgery and other medical

treatments and health issues.


*Relationship & Health Coaching Sessions

Healing your core relationships at work, home, family, partner, dating, and


Using Alternative approaches to solving medical issues and health goals.

Intuitive and Conventional approaches to solving relationship crisis and

relationship goals.




*phone, in-person & online options


* sessions include additional follow-up notes to give you direction with clarity and a plan of action you can take


*Specializing in helping any area of your Life

flourish with improving how you manage your

thoughts, emotions, mindset, and coping methods

at work, in your core relationships and or health


*for Individuals & Couples


***Get help to become laser-focused and learn

how-to Think Differently with these sessions!



Learn simple strategies to GET HAPPY




Better Alignment & Self-Awareness

Connecting with your instincts and your True Self

aligns you with being authentic within yourself.


This I believe is the key to creating a satisfying life while

experiencing healthy, happier, long-lasting work and core

relationships in your life.



Start with your Free 30min Laser Support Call today!



Learn the practical steps to implement the theory so you can

experience first hand the change in yourself and the life you

want to create; as outlined in my Book,

Creating Sacred Space, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of Your Dreams!




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